Welcome All!

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Welcome All!

Post  Metaiko on Sat May 12, 2012 8:54 am

Welcome to Pixel Nation Generations!

Here at PNG, we're looking to create a community for pixel artists to relax and better themselves by showcasing their creations and providing feedback. This forum is for you, enjoy it!

Our main goal is to develop skills and interests of our members. We will have tutorials, tips, regular contests, and a help section. In addition, there is a smaller discussion section for things non-pixel related.

At the top of our forum, we have our mascot, Ping! He's up there to welcome you to the forum and will be showing up more and more in the future! The symbol on his chest reoccurs throughout the forum to symbolize members (pixels) coming together to form a community (image). Similarly, his hands help you navigate the board!

Welcome to all, enjoy the new forum!

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